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Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Wind directions: South, SSE and SSW.

Dalrock is named for the road that runs into the park from the north and is the new home for the "Dallas" crew. 10 kites in the air on a windy day is the norm

It is a small pocket of Dallas property 12 miles from the actual city limits and accross from our original nesting spot, "Fire Ant".

Warning: This is a hazardous and crowded beach that is stricktly for experienced kiters with the assistance of a local only. The only exceptions are students and "buddies" that are under the wing of a local. Assistance is needed just finding the "ramps" as the entire shore line is a wide strip of large rock rubble that has already claimed a nearly major head shot, an ankle and a toe.

Please do not launch and land alone without assitance from a local. If you need help please call first.

On the other hand the ground school location is the best place in Dallas to practice rigging, launching, landing, testing the safety equipment of and pracicing bailing out and rescuing your kite. All new kiters are welcome to practice on the field and get help from a local safely launching and climbing in the water once they have done us the favor of showing us their kite and safety skills are sufficient.