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Wind direction:N (S also but pretty gusty from the dam dam)

Hobie Point is in a fee entry park ($5) but if it's blowing N and you don't want to spend more than that on gas to Lakeview Park on Grapevine and deal with the gusty wind and tight launch....

Warning:Watch out for fishermen with their lines run out from each point because where do the sand bass school?.

This is an awesome place to go when the north fronts swing past center and have some West in them because the fetch increases to over 10 miles and you'll get solid 4 ft swell not far off shore..

The shore line is mostly sandy, very shallow and you can drift fom one point to the next or all the way to the dam if you don't mind a long but easy walk. This is where I did my first body drag with just my wife driving down the shore line one day on our way out to Grapevine Mills Mall. VERY SAFE PLACE.